Law and Artificial Intelligence


Henrique Mário Nunes Sousa Antunes 




  • Ana Maria Pinheiro Cruz Taveira da Fonseca
  • Elsa Rodrigues de Oliveira Vaz de Sequeira Pereira da Silva 
  • Jorge Manuel Pereira da Silva 
  • Maria Filipa Pires Urbano Costa Calvão 
  • Patrícia Helena Nunes Fragoso Martins 
  • Pedro Maia Garcia Marques 
  • Sandra Flávia Correia Batista Tavares 


The Research Group on Law and Artificial Intelligence was launched in 2018. 

Its goals are to be a leading, multidisciplinary and innovative research group that will play a significant role in the juridical revolution that has been triggered by technological advances. Taking into consideration the European Horizon 2020 agenda, there will be six strategic areas of research.: 

1 – The challenges posed by the development of artificial intelligence to civil law, specifically in terms of juridical personality, contracts and civil liability. 

2 – The challenges of artificial intelligence to privacy. 

3 – Artificial intelligence and mobility (such as the automatization of driving, the autonomy of land and maritime vehicles, communication among vehicles, the launching of single-person aircraft and the development of other remotely flown aircraft). 

4 – The challenges of artificial intelligence to employment law, to the right to social security and to tax law. 

5 – The challenges of artificial intelligence to reforming the State. 

6 – The challenges of artificial intelligence to urban planning.