See the Future - Sea, Environment and Natural Resources


António Ulisses Cortês


  • Armando Rocha
  • José Alberto de Azeredo Ferreira Lopes
  • Luis Manuel da Costa Sousa da Fábrica
  • Maria Isabel Cantista de Castro Tavares
  • Patrícia Helena Nunes Fragoso Martins

Fellows (Ph.D. Students)

  • Aua Balde
  • Inês Granja Afonso Costa


The goal of this strand is to encourage interdisciplinary research and study on maritime affairs and ocean governance, and to promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices across the North Atlantic basin, as well as to provide legal assistance to Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries on issues regarding maritime affairs, ocean governance and law.

Aware that in a globalized world normative regulation requires a comprehensive approach under international law, this group of scholars will also conduct research on international relations in a broad sense, including the legal protection of the global economy and the environment, and the normative framework of security policy and human rights.