Prof. Doutora Sofia Pais 
Secção Porto - Prof. Doutora Sofia Pais
Secção Porto - Prof. Doutora Elsa Vaz de Sequeira
Coordinating Board
Scientific Council
Monitoring Commission
Organization CEID | CRCFL 
The Centre (with national dimension) is composed of the following organs:
  • The Director, appointed by the Rector, carries out essentially representational functions. He will represent the Centre before the university and its donors; convene and chair the collegial bodies of the Centre; convene and chair the plenary meetings of researchers; sign protocols.
  • The coordinators, appointed by the Rector, preside at meetings of researchers; require the execution of expenditure, within the established budget; monitor the implementation of research projects; exercise the powers delegated to him by the Director or the Coordinating Board.
  • The Coordinating Board, which includes the Director, two Coordinators and 2 to 4 vowels, appointed by the Directors of the two schools (Lisbon and Porto) that make up the Law School at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, is responsible for the Centre’s daily executive management. 
  • The Scientific Council, which includes integrated members and decides in particular on scientific matters. 
  • The Monitoring Commission, which is external to the School of Law at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and includes experts with an exceptional curriculum, evaluates the activity of the Centre.